Somos Estrellas / We Are Stars

We Are Stars/ Somos Estrellas is a joint exhibition featuring Martin Ferreyra and Pablo Gnecco. Taking inspiration from the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, this exhibition, through paintings, ceramics and installations of light and sound, will give the audience a reason to reflect on what could be the reunion with our ancestors and keep their precious memories alive.



Don’t  @  Me represents the multidisciplinary practice of Pastiche Lumumba, combining traditional high art like painting and sculpture with new media and internet memes. The works in this exhibition manifest the ethos of the internet with interconnected visual motifs, critical discourse, and savage wit. Lumumba’s work is supplemented by a selection of pieces from Nandi Loaf, Zach Fox and Jenson Leonard


An Exploration of Her Ritual

HER RITUAL features twenty-three (23) new and original works created by Atlanta-based artists, photographers, designers and filmmakers, focused on the mystery and normalcy of feminal rituals. Each woman explores a ritual through the lens of personal, cultural and familial traditions, as well as non-traditional, modern rituals.



Jurell Cayetano, FRKO and Gerald Lovell come together to collaborate in this light-hearted and unique group exhibition, titled TRPL-DBL. Using a mix of dark humor and tenderness, these artists present to us a series of raw intimate moments that celebrate the wins, the loses, the taking chances and the fear of not knowing your next move.



Then and Now offers a look into the work and life of legendary photographer Martha Cooper, whose insatiable curiosity led her to travel around the world capturing what made city streets beat. This solo exhibition is a journey through time that captures the graffiti and hip-hop revolutions from its roots to today. Featuring over four decades of documentation—from Tokyo tattoo artists in the 70s and the New York City streets in the 80s to today’s street culture—Cooper transports us in spirit to the feeling of spaces and sights of those singular