Mason Webb,  Taka , 2019

Mason Webb, Taka, 2019

 The Gallery | WISH is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, ‘I Miss You Carefree’ featuring Mason Wębb. ‘I Miss You Carefree’ deals with the exploration of self through a form of textile impressionism. Using stucco and imprints of fabrics reminiscent of where the artist spent his formative years; Mason brings to light his foundation in pattern styles and elements of the desert he called home. Between the charm of the Western and Victorian aesthetic in combination with his Southern roots, each of these components have left their own forms of sedimentary remnants that represent his youth where he first discovered his love of textures. Fossilizing the evolution of changing techniques and phases of his life, this body of work expresses how he overcame the hardships of living in Arizona and the strength of the foliage that grew from that.

Mason Webb was born in Atlanta, Georgia until moving to Carefree, Arizona during his adolescent. He was Head Pattern Designer with Spectrum USA in 2015 and later was hired by Arena Music Distribution to look over Artist Relations, in 2016. He moved to Atlanta officially to design luggage for PURSEN. He is currently focused on Contemporary Textile Installations and Performances.