Christopher Derek Bruno, Benjamin Niznik and Drew Tyndell

Opening Reception: September 8th | 6-9pm
On View: September 8 - 28, 2018


      ♫  <A gentle breeze in the background> ♫

             A Show of Hands. With Drawing. Fall Back [0PEN]. Life gets out
of the way. Contributing factors bring us together. Fugget about “it”.
Grasp. Gain. Knowability. Subtract. Didact. Re·act. Move. Re–appear.
Contributing factories to Fred Meyer® products on shelves. ¿Importer/
exporter? A faint lil’ ICE machine hustle; every1 wants sum. It all adds
up. It all gets built UP… apart/together/apart apart/together. We are
just waking up in a silent hallway at night with a sliver waning crescent
moon out the window. A thin white horizontal line lays underneath
the door at the end of the hallway. Open it & Step into the fluorescent
light/s. Informed; DreamWorks TMLB.

             T.M.L.B. (Taking My Life Back)
is both a group/collective, and state of mind that seeks to grab
hold of time and maneuver through distractions. Not in the sense of
waving a white flag on the present, nor a red, white, and blue flag. This
flag of your design. It stands for taking care of your life and time and
doing N0W what you truly want with it. Re·Treat can be thought of as
a double reward, a second pleasant gift. Some of the best gifts are
intangible like time, seeing and being with people you love, reminiscing,
and basking in nature. Walk the tracks with us through the narrow
passageway: reset, refocus, and regroup. See what lies behind the last
lit doorway that might propel you in a different direction. Think about
life in a different way; Escape from your shell... Re·Treat, and maneuver
yourself to the last door at the end of the narrow hallway and ENTER !!