An Exploration of Her Ritual


THE GALLERY  by WISH and Soap Goods Creative is pleased to present An Exploration of Her Ritual (HER RITUAL), an exhibition focused on the exploration and celebration of the rituals practiced by women of color.  HER RITUAL features twenty-three (23) new and original works created by Atlanta-based artists, photographers, designers and filmmakers, focused on the mystery and normalcy of feminal rituals.

Each woman explores a ritual through the lens of personal, cultural and familial traditions, as well as non-traditional, modern rituals. Each work incorporates photography as a connective thread reinforcing the rawness and authenticity of each ritual. The opening included interactive elements, inviting guests to also engage in on-site rituals.

About the Curators

Soap Goods Creative  is an Atlanta-based agency telling stories through fresh, clean and creative communications and design run by Kristy and George Gomez.  Paula Cuevas is an independent set + stage designer who uses her background in Interior Design to explore a fascination with the human experience. Her work primarily focuses on altering physical space, whether it be in the form of prop styling for photo, full stage design for musical performance, or large scale installation, in order to give the viewer at hand a chance to escape their reality even for just a moment. 

For more information on this exhibition, follow Her Ritual (@herritualatl) and @wishatlgallery.