featuring Martin Ferreyra and Pablo Gnecco


THE GALLERY is pleased to present We Are Stars/ Somos Estrellas, a joint exhibition featuring Martin Ferreyra and Pablo Gnecco.

“We are light and shadow, part of a whole in continuous movement, equal to the unknown end, in the darkness, we shine, we are stars”

Taking inspiration from the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, this exhibition, through paintings, ceramics and installations of light and sound, will give the audience a reason to reflect on what could be the reunion with our ancestors and keep their precious memories alive.

We Are Stars will open in conjunction with OYE Fest, the first latinx festival in the southeast of its kind. A three day festival in the heart of Atlanta that represents the diversity within the latinx community; fusing music, art, culture, activism.

Martin Ferreyra was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1984. Martin studied psychology in the National University of Cordoba. Regarding the arts, he is mainly self-taught, participating in workshops in painting and ceramics. Adriana Cervi, Ramiro Vazques, and others were his teachers. In recent years, his work has included painting, ceramics and video, creating the ceramic Totem Bowls, and collaborating with other artists, such as Sol Pereyra, and brands, such as Absolut, HP, and Nike, among others.

Pablo Gnecco is an experiential artist and motion designer from Bogota, Colombia living in Brooklyn, NY. He is an inaugural member of The New Museum’s art and technology incubator, NEW INC.  Pablo is currently an Artist in Residence at Mana Contemporary and the  co-Founder of Studio Studio a media and design agency/studio.